Various solutions for facial capillaries


Yes, capillaries on the face occur due to thinning of the skin with aging, excessive exposure to the sun, cold weather, genetic makeup and hormonal pills. This situation causes the skin to have a more worn appearance. You can solve your troubles by solving these capillaries with herbal methods.

Horse Chestnut

Turn the horse chestnut into flour and mix it with olive oil and let it sit in the sun for 20 days. Then apply it to your face area every morning and wash it off.

Linden Juice

Apply the boiled lime juice on your face and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then, wash with warm water and moisten. It will benefit if you apply it every day.

Rosehip Flower Juice

Boil the rosehip flower and apply to your face every evening after warming, wait 15 minutes and moisturize.

Poppy Flower Juice

Use the water of the poppy flower you boiled to clean morning and evening, then apply moisturizer. It will also benefit wrinkles.

Rose water

Clean your face with rose water morning and evening and leave it to dry. Then apply moisturizer.

Lemon juice

It will also be useful to apply fresh lemon juice. It also helps tighten the skin.


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