Turkey coronavirus outbreak in the number of new cases have been announced!


According to preliminary latest and most current information, the last 24 hours 1572 people to the new types in Turkey coronavirus (Kovid-19) diagnosis is placed, 47 people lost their lives, the total number of cases, 271 thousand 705 persons and damage of the announced 6 thousand 417 is.

Ministry of Health website located and Health Minister Fahrettin husband as share on Twitter “Turkey Day coronavirus Table”, according to the latest data, today made 109 thousand 443 tests, 1572 people Kovid-19 was diagnosed.

47 patients died in the last 24 hours, 1003 patients recovered. The total number of tests was 7 million 247 thousand 935, the number of cases was 271 thousand 705 and the number of deaths was 6 thousand 417.

The rate of pneumonia in patients was 7.6 percent, and the number of serious patients was 991.


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca shared on his Twitter account, “The one that will reduce the number of our losses and seriously ill patients is full compliance with the measures. The number of our active patients continues to increase. If we comply with the measures, we will be the winner. Power is in precaution.” used the expressions.


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