Critical coronavirus statement from famous professors: Worrying!


After the normalization process that started on June 1, the increase in the number of cases raised concerns that the epidemic caused a second wave. Experts agree that the normalization process is misunderstood and the epidemic is still fatal … Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said, “It should be both a personal and social responsibility not to enter the crowds, not to be closer to others than 2 meters without a mask and not to neglect hand cleaning.”

Immunology Specialist Professor at Jackson Laboratory Institute, USA. Dr. If Derya Unutmaz make normalization, noting that regular and prudent manner needs to be done, “the United States in Florida, Arizona, some southern states have a record of the epidemic such as Texas became of that break. It will be the same in Turkey because the viruses country does not observe human difference,” he said .


Stating that the increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in our country since the beginning of June is alarming, Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said, “After March 11, 2020, when the first case was seen, the number of cases increased rapidly and on April 11 was the day with the highest number of 5,138 cases. The Ministry of Health took a series of measures and the number of new cases gradually decreased on June 2, 786. With the removal of curfews on June 1, the number of cases increased and after June 12, over a thousand new cases started to be seen again.

Turkey ranks 12th in the total number of cases in the world. Looking at this table, it is seen that patient management can be carried out without exceeding the hospital capacities with the measures taken in March, April and May in our country, and the lives of patients can be saved and deaths can be reduced with effective treatments in hospitals. However, as the number of daily cases are returned to Turkey May 10. The daily warnings of the Ministry of Health and the additional warnings made in the period of the gradual removal of the restrictions under the name of new normalization on June 1 did not find their target, “he said.


Prof. Dr. Sönmezoğlu said, “The people lost their perception as a result of restricting their social needs such as not being able to go to school or work for 3 months, staying away from their social environment. They started to prefer not to ignore the facts, to deny them and to prefer the thoughts that events were exaggerated. If the knowledge that this pandemic is the worst known global pandemic after 1918, that it cannot be taken under control before two years, and that each country will fight with its own cultural realities and economic power, is not well conveyed to the society. “The success and joy gained in the first three months will continue with disappointment. Because more time is required than the 40 percent rate required for social immunity that will stop the epidemic. In Istanbul, this rate is estimated at 2 percent.”


Noting that the number of cases started to increase with the loosening of strict measures such as the difficulty of staying at home and the closing of schools in European and Asian countries. Dr. Sönmezoğlu continued his words as follows: “Even in the most developed and well-developed European countries, the death rate from Covid-19 reached over 10 percent, even up to 18 percent. Our country remained between 2-3 percent according to official data, but this should not comfort us. Because when the borders are opened and foreign entries and exits start, maybe the types of viruses with higher contagiousness and mortality rate will enter our country. should bring. “


Listing the rules that should be turned into a lifestyle, Prof. Dr. Sönmezoğlu said, “Not going into the crowds, not being close to 2 meters with others without a mask and not neglecting hand cleaning should be both personal and social responsibility. Prohibitions and restrictions should not be a way to learn. We are all going through a global and even historical process. At least eight different types of Covid-19. The change in the genetic material of the virus is defined as a mutation and this mutation has been reported from the USA and China.Although this change has led to thoughts that the virus will reduce the transmission power and disease severity, the first data of an ongoing study at Kocaeli University in our country were isolated from positive cases in our country. “There was a more contagious and deadly variation in a quarter of the viruses. These findings coincide with the virus studies conducted in Beijing with the resumption of cases. There are predictions that the virus may become more contagious.”


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