Ready to discover the “right passwords of health”?


I am also very happy that the comments you made after the interview and the questions you asked showed how accurate I am on the platform.

Yeah! As I mentioned in my book “The Right Passwords of Health”, I have been doing research on my hardware that I acquired in the field of Medicine and Nutrition for three years, by using more than 2000 resources. My studies on topics such as “How do we protect against diseases that come with aging while getting older, what factors disrupt health, what are the mistakes we know right and what should we pay attention to stay healthy, young and beautiful” brought me to a certain point. I would like to share this information and this perspective that I have acquired with you in these lines.

You wake up with new information every day in the field of health, right? A food that is stated as “do not eat” one day, the next day it is crowned, a new trend is praised, you feel deficient if you do not eat, you feel guilty for the method you do not apply for the days you do not eat. As a person who values ​​your health, you probably want to do whatever it takes! On the other hand, you don’t want to be left behind in the golden age of visuality. You want to look young and beautiful. So what to do? If so, what kind of a way to stay healthy, young and beautiful in “information pollution”?

First of all, we need to know that the body is an amazing system that works in balance and order. Environment and living conditions that disturb balance and order! Wrong or missing environmental and living conditions disrupt health, causing diseases. Factors include nutritional inaccuracies, deficiencies or excesses, sleep disturbances, lack of physical activity, stress, germs inside and outside, toxins, drugs, heavy metals, alcohol, smoking, air pollution, radiation, UV, electromagnetic fields. Some of them are factors that we can correct such as diet, sleep, exercise. Some of them are not available, such as electromagnetic fields and air pollution.

Of course, it is necessary to add practices that are exaggerated to be healthy with the wrongs known to these factors, under-the-steps procedures made with hearsay information, and unnecessary burdens.

However, there are things we can do. By considering the body-mind-spirit integrity, we can help maintain the balance I am talking about and keep the system working properly. And the good news is; We can prevent diseases by improving the environment and living conditions as much as we can. Let me continue with the terms known to those who closely follow health-related developments: With correct habits and correct timing, gene expression can improve, mitochondria become better, inflammation decreases, oxidative stress decreases, and telomeres become longer. Researching and learning this information is the first step. The second step, the main thing, is to determine what is right for you, your truth. The third step is to apply it in a sustainable way.

You are precious. You are one with your body, mind, and soul. And you are unique to yourself. So much so that even the type and number of bacteria in your gut is unique to you. Your age, gender, daily life, work pace, health history, genetic structure, mental skills, stress level are different. Useful to someone else may not be good for you. That’s why I say “There is no single recipe for everyone!”.

On this page, on the one hand, you will be able to learn practical tips that can be adapted to your daily life while you are reading the information in the body-mind-soul integrity in order to stay healthy, young and beautiful, to protect you from diseases, on the other hand, you can be aware of current research in health.

Are you ready to discover the “Right Passwords of Health”?


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