Primary and secondary schools in Japan will be closed in March


The Japanese government has instructed local governments to shut down primary and secondary schools from Monday due to the coronavirus epidemic and shut down during March. “The government is keeping children’s health and safety above all else,” said Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

In Japan, 13 more people in the Hokkaido region in the north of the country have been reported to have seen coronavirus, which causes the condition called Covid-19. Two of these people are children.

It was announced that a woman in her 40s had a virus for the second time.

Narrowing the journey of the Olympic torch is on the agenda in Japan, which will host the Olympic games in the capital city of Tokyo in the summer due to the coronavirus.

So far, eight people have died as a result of coronovirus in Japan. Four of them were on the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

The number of confirmed cases increased to 1776 in South Korea, one of the countries where the virus is most common in the Far East. The number of deaths in the country is 11.

Emergency plan in Australia activated

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the emergency plan for the coronavirus outbreak was put in place.

The plan will focus on having adequate medical equipment and protective equipment throughout the country. While non-emergency surgeries are suspended, collective events such as concerts and matches can be canceled.

There are 23 known cases of coronavirus in Australia. The ban on entry from the Chinese mainland, which has been in force since February 1, has been extended for another week.

Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah visits
Another measure to prevent the spread of the virus came from Saudi Arabia. Riyadh administration announced that Umrah visits have been suspended.

In the statement of the Saudi Foreign Ministry, it was stated that the situation is “temporary” and the evaluations are continuing.

No explanation has yet been made regarding the pilgrimage visits between June and September this year.

The number of dead increases to 26 in Iran
Meanwhile, the number of people who died in Iran, the country in which the virus is most common, has increased from 22 to 26. According to the official news agency IRNA, the total number of confirmed cases was 245.

The coronavirus incident, which was seen in Kuwait, all of which returned from Iran, increased from 19 to 22.

Iranian President Hasan Ruhani stated that they do not plan to quarantine any city or town in the country, only individuals will be quarantined.

Authorities warned the public not to go to Kum, the first city where the coronavirus was seen in the country. However, no tomb was closed to visitors in Kum, which is a holy city for Shiites.

The coronavirus incidents in neighboring countries Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Pakistan are also thought to originate from Iran.

Spread in Europe originates from Italy
In Europe, in addition to Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Greece and North Macedonia, officials in Brazil and Algeria announced that the cases in their country stemmed from those traveling to Italy.

While the number of cases increased to 400 in Italy, the loss of life was 12. It was informed that four children were among the infected.

Attilio Fontana, Regional Head of Lombardy, announced that a colleague will be in a 2-week voluntary quarantine due to the positive. Fontana said he made this decision as a precaution even if the initial tests were negative.

Countries neighboring Italy decided not to close the borders on the grounds that “there would be a disproportionate measure”.

The latest situation in Europe
Austria: A coronavirus was found in a young Italian couple living in Inssbruck. One of the young people was working in the closed hotel.

Switzerland: A person in his 70s living in Ticino on the Italian border reportedly infected with the virus in Milan on February 15, now quarantined

Croatia: A man who returned to Croatia shortly before Italy was the first person to be detected to have the virus in the Balkans

Spain: A woman returning from the north of Italy to Barcelona becomes the first coronavirus case in the country

France and Germany: New cases reported among those who recently traveled to Italy and returned to their country

In England: the students who had their holidays in the north of Italy and returned to the country were sent to their homes. The government is preparing new regulations for travelers. The number of cases in the country increased from 13 to 15.

Romania: A person who is in contact with an Italian man has been reported to have a virus.


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