Is it possible to live without a pancreas?


Expressing that diabetes has appeared along with nutritional and digestive system problems in pancreatic insufficiency. Dr. “In most cases, medical treatments can replace the pancreas, but people who live without the pancreas require careful monitoring and medical care. The artificial pancreas that is working in the USA is a promising technology,” said Onur Yaprak.

From Medipol Mega University Hospital Organ Transplant Department. Dr. Onur Yaprak made explanations about pancreatic insufficiency and cancer that cause many damages in the body. Professor Dr. The leaf is related to the functioning of the pancreas. “The pancreas is an average 15-20 cm long and 70 grams weight behind the stomach in the upper cavity of the abdomen. Its main task is to secrete enzymes and hormones such as insulin, glucagon, somatostatin for digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In pancreatic insufficiency, diabetes occurs with nutritional and digestive system problems. “


Noting that many years ago, serious problems with the pancreas were almost always fatal. Dr. Yaprak said: “Now, in most cases, medical treatments can replace the pancreas, but people living without the pancreas require careful monitoring and medical care. The absence of a pancreas also means that a person will have to make various lifestyle changes that can be difficult to adjust. Made from cancer. In a study, the probability of living without pancreas over 5 years was 75 percent. Even if 20 percent of the pancreas remains, diabetes and digestive problems may not occur in the person. As surgeons, we want at least 20 percent of the pancreas to remain in our surgeries. In cases where there is a common pancreatic cancer or cysts with high risk of cancer, chronic pancreatic inflammation or the need for completion after the first surgery, the operation that we call ‘total pancreatectomy’ and the entire pancreas is required. abile is. “


Professor Dr. Stating that the patients should be followed up by the dietician and the endocrinologist after the entire pancreas has been removed, the leaf gave the following information: “The person will need regular insulin injections. In some cases, these injections can be replaced with an insulin pump. Because blood sugar drops as high as blood sugar rises too much, it is life-threatening. They should be careful about controlling their sugar levels, planning what and how much they eat and taking care of their body.It is necessary to take digestive enzymes with each meal in order to properly disintegrate and absorb food.To forget about enzyme pills, deep osteoporosis, diarrhea and fatty stool, gastrointestinal problems, vitamin deficiencies. A promising technology is artificial pancreas This device features insulin pump technology with a continuous glucose monitor capable of interpreting blood sugar levels. erika has been making clinical trials at sites in the United States. There are no long-term studies on patients with no pancreas, but experience is that patients can only have a normal life expectancy with careful medical supervision and care. “


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