“Fear of corona is bigger than corona truth”


Noting that a virus that will bring the end of humanity is mentioned from time to time in Hollywood movies and novels, Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu emphasized that the perception that the coronavirus, which spreads rapidly and causes loss of life, is the virus that will always bring the said apocalypse, spreads as fast as the virus itself.

Yeditepe University Kosuyolu Hospital Infection Diseases and Clinical Microbiology emphasizing that coronavirus is not a human virus like influenza (flu), saying “Coronary virus is perceived as a new virus, but it has been known by medical circles that it is a very common virus that causes colds during the winter months.” Specialist Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said:

“The new coronavirus, called the 2019-nCoV, such as bird flu in 1997 and the swine flu seen in 2009, is also seen in humans. it can be transmitted to people, and transmission continues among people. “

The new coronavirus is very similar to the SARS coronavirus seen in 2003. SARS CoV appeared in Asian countries and travels like the epidemic today have been stopped. Emphasizing that the total number of patients in SARS CoV is higher but the loss of life is less. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu added that the reason for fear and panic in 2019-nCoV was due to higher loss of lives.


Stating that today 77 thousand coronavirus cases are seen in China, Professor. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said, “The rate in China is high, but there are about 2 thousand cases in countries outside of China. How quickly the disease spreads and how fatal it can be seen by looking at these cases outside China. When a projection is made with the available data, It is understood that the rate of loss is not at 15 percent as in SARS CoV, but it is 2 percent in young people and 4 percent in old people .The occurrence of this virus in China is also the subject of speculation. “This virus binds through the receptor called angiotensin converting enzyme” in the lower respiratory tract, the lungs. The density of these receptors in Chinese society is much more common than in other parts of the world, “he said.


Stating that there is no big risk in any person without a Chinese theme, Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu underlined that 2019-nCoV did not increase intensely in countries outside of China and that several cases should not cause an outrage and continued as follows:

“The disease does not spread uncontrollably fast in reality. It does not lead to high casualties. We have seen this for the last 2.5 months. Let’s not be so scared, but we should take our precautions at the highest level. First, we should not go abroad as much as possible, especially to Far Asia. It is not necessary to be at international airports if possible, but we should not be in close contact with people like kissing, hugging, etc. Elderly people over the age of 80 should stay away from crowded environments such as shopping malls, airports, bus stations etc. People who have contact with a foreigner, especially a Chinese or Asian person, are under 14-day surveillance, in quarantine. People in risky groups such as the elderly or chemotherapy patients who enter very crowded environments should definitely wear sheltered masks. “


“The only defense mechanism that prevents people from getting sick is the immune system. It is an important risk factor for the genetic immune system, but sedentary life, drinking, smoking, not eating a balanced diet, often not going out in the open air are the factors that collapse the immune system. In such a case, the simplest viruses can make the person seriously ill.” Saying Prof. Dr. Meral Sönmezoğlu said: “It is essential to eat well, to spend time in the open air, to control stress, to sleep well, to drink plenty of fluids and to wash hands when it comes from outside. It is possible to be protected from many infections, including.


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